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WBTC is now live in COSS Wallet

WBTC live in COSS Wallet

Hello, everyone.

We are expanding our list of supported assets by incorporating one more token this week.

Today, we have integrated WBTC in the COSS Wallet app allows users to store, send, receive, spend and exchange the cryptocurrency from one single wallet.

About WBTC (Wrapped BITCOIN)

Wrapped BITCOIN a cryptocurrency token that instills more liquidity in the Ethereum ecosystem which includes decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and financial applications. At present, the greater part of trading volume occurs on centralised exchanges using Bitcoin.

With WBTC, a shift in trend will occur where DEXs will also be able to enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin’s liquidity and make token trades with Bitcoins a possibility. It generates smart contracts for Bitcoin which ‘wraps’ Bitcoin to standardise it to ERC20 format.

It facilitates the writing of smart contracts that integrate Bitcoin transfers.

About COSS Wallet

COSS Wallet allows you to securely store, send/receive crypto via GPS using the Near-by feature. It gives you complete control over your crypto and enables access to all your crypto private keys with one master password. We now support 33 cryptocurrencies, across 9 blockchains.

COSS Wallet offers various in-app services:

  • COSS Star Rating – Earn COSS Plus reward points on every next star rating you achieve.
  • Address Book feature – Save your wallet addresses just as you save your contacts. 
  • Mobile bill payments & Recharges – Make prepaid mobile recharges and pay postpaid mobile bills using supported cryptocurrency across 160+ countries
  • Instant cryptocurrency conversions – COSS Wallet allows you to convert your cryptocurrency instantly
  • Send and Receive crypto with an industry-first GPS-based “Near-By” feature – Now transfer cryptocurrencies instantly nearby without any hassle via GPS.

We are making every effort to bring the best services to our users and expand our partnerships.



Stability in Uncertainty | The new billion dollar Cryptocurrency market

Stablecoins stability

The “COSSMONAUT” Programme

Apply for COSSmonaut

Community involvement has been a strong catalyst to the growth of the COSS ecosystem, and we have always been grateful that there are many willing hands in the community to help us in one way or another.

Introducing the COSSmonaut ambassador programme. We want people from the community who can go above and beyond in creating regular, positive contributions when it comes to spreading the word about COSS.

What we aspire with COSSmonaut is to become not just a mere ambassador programme, but to build a critical mass of COSS supporters to transform and grow together with us.

Update – 21st August 2019

Update from COSS

What the Bakkt – Market News Price Movements

Bakkt Blog

Somewhere between ‘wen moon’ and ‘wen Bakkt’ we grew up.

COSS official IEO Liftoff to launch SWAPS.NETWORK on 21st August 2019


COSS exchange launches its IEO platform ‘Liftoff’ – Here’s what to expect

COSS Liftoff

To Crypto or Not to Crypto: The Million Dollar Question Facing Regulators


“The world that Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin whitepaper envisioned, and others are building, is an unstoppable force.”

– Patrick McHenry, U.S. House Financial Services Committee

Regulation is a dubious word in the crypto world, especially when you consider the visionary principles outlined in the Satoshi Nakamoto’s hallmark Bitcoin whitepaper. It aimed to create a financial system that relied on no third party, nor dictated by outside entities such as governments or banks. As a result, Bitcoin enthusiasts demanded a platform that was free from any interference – internal or external.

However, in the last couple of years industry has grown radically in multiple ways primarily in terms of a multi-billion dollar market capitalization, global awareness, and media interest. This naturally caught the attention of national and regional regulators across the globe.

Cryptocurrency around the World


COSS graph

While Cryptocurrency was legalised across the European Union and G7 nations years ago, more recently, G20 nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, and India have agreed to abide by the FATF Framework to regulate cryptocurrency.

Speaking of FATF, there’s some drama around that too — it required exchanges to share personal user data with each other and the government, but that’s a story for another day. In most countries, cryptocurrencies enjoy the ‘a legal’ status — meaning they aren’t illegal but aren’t legal either, they’re in the grey area.

Even the World’s second-most populous country, India, does not have any law regarding virtual currencies with rumors of an impending ban looming over. The Supreme Court of India, the country’s highest court, is hearing a case between Cryptocurrency and India’s central banking agency: RBI which is in favor of launching its own digital currency.


Everyone from Tim Draper to John MacAfee have been tweeting about the regressive Crypto ban bill circulating in the media and online.

COSS tim

COSS wallet out of beta!

COSS Wallet out of beta

UPDATE – 07th August 2019

Update from COSS