Binance Chain (BEP-2) is now successfully integrated in ARAX

By June 14, 2019Arax Crypto Wallet
Binance Chain

Hello Community,

We, at Arax Wallet, has got a piece of exciting news for you all. This time, Arax is not integrating a new coin in its wallet but a new blockchain. Yes, you read it right! Arax is adding Binance chain(BEP-2) to its Wallet increasing the total number of supported blockchain to 8 blockchains. This helps to store all the BEP-2 based assets in Arax wallet.

Integrating Binance chain in Arax allows users to store and trade other coins listed on Binance chain. Not just that, Arax Wallet will also be able to list all the coins supported by Binance chain, making our wallet a bit more universal. However, BNB Token is only supported by Trust Wallet and Arax Crypto Wallet till now.  

For those who are still unaware of Arax Crypto Wallet, we would like to introduce our wallet to you again.

Arax is a multi-currency wallet that offers a range of crypto-utility based financial services. Users can hold, send, make P2P transfers with a unique GPS feature and exchange their currencies with other cryptocurrencies using the wallet. All this is possible while having complete control over your private keys.

The wallet enables ease of control for all your digital assets. Supporting multiple blockchains, the wallet serves as a one-stop manager for your digital assets. Users can spend their cryptocurrency to make utility bill payments and to buy mobile credit in 160+ countries. The wallet serves as the bridge where cryptocurrencies meet real-world utility.
Arax currently supports 32 cryptocurrencies across different Blockchains.

Binance chain

Binance has achieved its goal of creating a Binance ecosystem with the introduction of Binance chain – a highly anticipated blockchain protocol aimed to support decentralized exchanges. BNB token will be used as gas on Binance Chain to assist network transactions.

Binance chain serves the purpose of being one market place that enables buying, selling, and exchange of cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner. Binance chain will be focussing on the better performance, ease of use, transfer, liquidity, and trading of blockchain assets. Binance chain aims to provide new possibilities in the crypto arena and smooth flow of crypto assets in the future.

We are working day and night to bring new announcements for our users. Our efforts are driven by the aim of providing our users and community with best in class services and an all in one wallet which eliminates their need of maintaining multiple wallets.

For more updates, stay tuned!



Team Arax

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